Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spray Paint + Bunny Tracks = Easter Smiles

Easter Bunny Tracks

What?!  Gigantic Easter Bunny footprints all over the front yard on Easter morning?  What could be more fabulous?  Only the smiles from the kid-o's when they see that the Easter Bunny left proof that he hopped right up to your front door.  

Matt (my extraordinarily motivated husband) has an excess of spray paint laying around so he decided to get creative to start a buzz on Easter morning.  The kids loved it, and can you think of anything more fun than spray painting huge bunny feet on your front yard in the dark?

Peter Cotton Tail left his trail for the kids to follow.  Give it a try and add some "egg-stra" fun to your Easter Day!!!

<3, Sharla


Suze Reese said...

Oh my goodness that's stinkin' adorable! (The footprints are cute too.) =)