Monday, April 16, 2012

My little guy just turned 7 and he loves Ninjago (if you have a son his age who likes legos, you know what I'm talking about).  So it had to be a Ninja party!  First things first, invites to the big day.  I went to and found an amazing amount of cool pics to use.  So I got creative with the website and my photo printer and ended up with some pretty killer pics to use for the party.  First off I found a poster of the main characters so I saved it to my computer, printed it out as an 8x10 on my photo printer and printed the info for the party on the back.  Invite and poster all in one!  Click here to go to the poster on the Ninjago website.

Ninja costume?  Oh, yeah!  This is so simple, I promise!  The sewing is minimal.  I made one for each of the boys who came and they got to take their costume home with them.  The boys LOVED it!  For complete instructions on how to make it, click here or go to the "Sewing" tab on this blog.

Did I mention that my little guy's favorite food is Kit Kats and ice cream?  So, on the Ninjago website I found a collection of their trading cards.  I saved them to my computer and printed them again and cut them out and taped them to the candy.  The pictures printed this tiny and they fit perfectly on the Kit Kats.  So easy and cute!  The pics on this website are beautiful and full of color.  Love it.  Click here to go to the trading cards on the Ninjago site.

You know the tiny pics on the Kit Kats?  Well, I blew them up and taped them to large vases and had a ball toss contest.  I know the pic looks blurry, but the pictures blurred a little when I enlarged them.  Did the kids care?  Not even.  They loved tossing a ball to the picture they liked best.  We lined up the vases and had them attempt to make it from one end all the way to the other.  Then we had a free-for-all and everyone lined up and took a shot at the same time to see who could make it first.  Fun.  Click here to go to the trading cards on the Ninjago website where I found these pics.

Next game was the "Balloon Forest of Doom!" (one of the kids named it, and I approved).  In the Ninjago colors I had 8 helium filled balloons and 8 air filled balloons.  Helium taped to the floor, and regular taped from the ceiling.  Then we had a contest to see who could "ninja" their way through the balloons without touching any.  After everyone had a chance we did what they really wanted to do.  Everyone chose their balloon foe and, using only their best karate moves, had to fight it until it came untaped.  They loved it, and they got to take a balloon home with their favor bags.

What's a party without food?!  We went the budget route and did sack lunches for our guests.  I asked each of other their moms what kind of sandwich they liked best (they all had peanutbutter-and-something-or-other, easy) and other typical and easy lunch items.  But to keep who's lunch belongs to who straight I went to (you guessed it) the Ninjago site and printed off some more of the little cards, this time to match which character they were dressed up as, enlarged them and taped it to their lunch.  Easy way to keep meals straight and another fun take home to have.  I was surprised how much the boys loved their pictures.  Click here to go to the Ninjago site for the hero trading cards.

As I mentioned before, my little guy loves ice cream, vanilla.  So instead of getting an expensive cake or making one, we did big scoops of ice cream in cupcake liners and then had an ice cream bar.  As you can see, I have a pretty large variety of sprinkles.  Add to that ice cream syrup, whipped cream  and Kit Kats on the side, and he had a great birthday treat.

All in all, the party was a HUGE success and made some great memories.

Happy Birthday, Davis!
<3, Sharla

Ninjago Birthday Party


Sarah Elizabeth said...

happy birthday!

Arizona Arnolds said...

Terrific Boy Birthday! That is one happy ninja.

All Things Fabulous said...

And one tired mom. :)