I assume you mean Nreim? Which, yeah, is called Earth. But you know how dumb I think that is. 
2.  What would your dream meal on Neo-Earth be?

Ooh, dream meal? I haven't had one yet that I wouldn't call a dream meal. Except the salad and seed ones. But if I were to design my own, it would have to include chocolate, and cheese, and meat. And gelatin of course. 
3.  Do you feel the media you memorized in research for coming to Neo-Earth was accurate in portraying what the customs and people are like?

Ha! Ha! That's a good one. Give me second to stop laughing. Okay. 
No. The people in the media always know the perfect thing to say. And they never bother with little things like dialing a cell phone or going to the bathroom. I mean, those things are important but they just skip right over it. 
4.  What is your favorite tradition on Earth?

Again your talking about my Earth? Nreim. Our traditions are very different, I think mostly because we don't have meals. But we do have them. Probably my favorite is when a child turns ten. That's they age that they're no longer considered little children. Basically from ten to twenty are the equivalent of your teen years. So at age ten we get a big party with all our friends. Parents put together a media presentation of our lives so far, and everyone at the party shares some kind of memory. That day was the happiest of my life...until coming to your planet. 
5.  What is the weather like on Earth?

It's very similar to the weather here. The main difference is that our clothing and shelter have been designed so perfectly that we hardly notice the changes, especially since we rarely go outside. 
6.  It was fun to see how you treated Becca.  Do you wish you had siblings and if so would you want a brother or sister and how many? 

That's a good question. I can't say I've thought about it. There is no such thing as siblings on Nreim. And I didn't even realize I liked little kids until I came here. But if I could have Becca as my little sister, I'd take her in an instant. 
7.  Do you think that having your Em Field realign with your life long partner on Earth is the same as falling in love on Neo-Earth?

Well, I can't say for sure. But I bet it's very similar.
8.  What is the most reckless, irresponsible thing you have ever done?

I wish I could say it was the cheeseburger. But I guess I've done a little worse than that. I think I should stay silent however, just in case (someone) is watching.
9.Would you rather spend you life living on Earth or Neo Earth?  Why?

Oh, that's another funny one! There's no choice. But you'll have to read my story to find out.
10.  Do you believe that you have personal freedoms on Earth?  Why?

Freedoms? That's rough. I thought so. I mean, it's not like we're told what we can and can't do very often, except when we travel to Neoearth. It's more a matter of having very limited choices. Those have expanded since the discovery of your planet. People can see what amazing things are available to you guys  and they're starting to demand more. Like they've started having rock concerts. But they're so lame. A bunch of machines making music. Seriously? Machines? And you know about the stupid food choices. As in, there are none. Yeah. We have a lot to work on.

Hey, thanks for having me here! It's kind of fun feeling like a celebrity for once! (Just don't tell, cause that's totally frowned on where I'm from.)

Seriously, could she be any more fabulous?  Thank you so much to Suze for allowing our blog to be included on her tour.  We are honored and thrilled!

<3, Amy M, Amy A, and Sharla