Sunday, April 22, 2012

WHAT?! A Blog Tour with Prizes!

So, you wanna do some scoping out of some cool blogs and while you're at it, WIN A KINDLE?!  Go to starting on Monday April 23 and follow her blog tour promoting her new and fantastic book Extra Normal.  Follow her tour and enter to win a new Kindle as well as some other fabulous prizes!!!  Also visit All Things Fabulous on Friday April 27th, follow us, like us or make a comment and enter to win our own prize just by interacting with the blog on Friday.  You enter to win by following the blog, pinning something from it, or "liking" it then click on the Rafflecopter link at the top of this blog to enter to win our junk.  Check out what you can win...

Includes black and white paisley photo box, 6 pack ribbon, bead organizer, shimmer shapes chip board pack, chip board alphabet, and chip board cozy shapes pack.  
Not bad, right?

U.S. participants only (sorry, shipping is huge).

Our blog will also feature a one-of-a-kind interview with the main character from the book, Mira on Friday.  
Click here for a complete review of her book on this blog or just click the "Book" button at the top of the page.

See You Soon!!!


Suze Reese said...

Yay! Great giveaways! Thanks for joining the tour!

Arizona Arnolds said...

I always love to see your creativity! You inspire me :)

All Things Fabulous said...

Marla, so nice!!! You're pretty inspiring yourself!

bn100 said...

How cool! Thanks for the giveaway.