Friday, April 27, 2012

Are you Ready for Mother's Day?

Rag Quilt with Pictures

     Have you found that special gift for the women who gave you life, who changed your diapers, fed and clothed you and put up with all your crap? What do you give your Mom to say "Wow, now that I am a Mom I REALLY appreciate all you have done!" My Mom is absolutely the best I just love her to pieces. I was a very easy child. Well easy when compared to most of my 6 other siblings. The fact that she raised 7 of us and is still sane means she deserves a pretty awesome gift. Well here's my dirty little secret. I always drop the ball on Mother's Day. But mark my words....not this year! 
     I am making the same gift for both my Mom and Mother in law. I thought about it because my sweet MIL has been living in a care facility for the last 12 years. She is on a ventilator and confined to bed pretty much all the time. She lives completely for her family. That being said we have covered every inch of wall space with pictures. What was left to do? A blanket! We can wrap her in our hugs and she can see the kids cute faces every time she looks down. Cute, right?
     Then I thought one Mom down now what should I do for my Mom? Well my sweet Grandma passed away less than a month ago and my Mom is broken hearted. I thought why don't I make one for my Mom with pictures of her Mom so she can snuggle up with her when she misses her. What better gift for Mother's Day than something to help her feel close to her Mom. I had a plan....
     So Sharla, Amy and I headed out for a shopping extravaganza! Here is what I bought, these measurements are for one blanket:
  • 4 yards of solid colored flannel- I did ivory.
  • .5 yards of 8 different patterns of flannel
  • Matching thread
  • 2 packs of photo fabric paper- I found this by the iron on transfer paper. Buy the kind that is colorfast so the blanket can be washed.
That's it! Now you are ready to go.
  1. Cut all your fabric into 11" squares- I did 11" because I could follow the fold in the fabric which makes cutting much easier.
  2. Create your "sandwiches" with one piece of solid flannel in between two patterned pieces with patterns facing out. You will also need 6 that are just 3 layers of solid flannel, these are the ones we will put the pictures on.
  3. Sew an X across your square from corner to corner to keep your layers together.
  4. Pick out 6 super cute pictures and print them on the fabric paper.
  5. Follow the directions to make the fabric paper colorfast.
  6. Line up the pictures on the solid ivory squares and sew around the perimeter I gave it about an inch border.
  7. Layout your blanket on the floor so you can play with the design and pattern. I recommend taking a picture so you can refer to it as you go if needed.
  8. Start sewing the squares together row by row. Make sure you always sew the right sides so the fringe will be right.
  9. Once you have all your rows start sewing them together into your quilt.
  10. Trim up any edges  to make it even.
  11. Sew around the perimeter about and inch or so in from the edge.
  12. Snip around the perimeter and around each square. Be sure not to snip your stitches!
  13. Toss it in the washer, no soap just fabric softener.
  14. Look how awesome it is when your done!
I just love them, let me know what you think! Best daughter EVER!!


All Things Fabulous said...

Seriously, this is to-die-for! And the fabric is so cute together!

Rach said...

Love this idea!