Friday, October 5, 2012

 Jail Front Tutorial

So, do you like the jail front in the pic above?  I have included a turorial on how to make it (yay!).  Now, I made this several years ago so I don’t have any pics on the actual assembly, but it’s pretty straight forward.  Put this puppy in just the right place with something creepy being trapped behind makes for a scary night.  It’s also a great background for photo ops.  It’s easy, light weight, and cheap!

2 Peices of 2x4 boards cut 3 1/2 feel long
7 Pieces 3/4” PVC pipe cut 7 1/2 feet long
4 Large black wall brackets
28 2” long screws
2 Cans black spray paint
Drill for attaching screws
Measuring tape
*These are the measurements for the jail front I created, but you can adjust your measurements to make your jail taller, shorter or longer.  However, if you make it longer, I would add additional wall brackets on the bottom to increase balance.
**When you buy your materials, most home improvement stores will cut your wood and PVC pipe for you at no additional charge.

First, mark your two pieces of 2x4.  One will be at the top and one at the bottom.  Start on one end of the board and mark every 6” on both boards.  You should end up with 7 marks (a mark for each pipe, see what I did there?).

Next lay them out and grab your PVC pipe and drill.  Use one screw  at the top of the board and one at the bottom per pipe.  To allow maximum stability, I lined the PVC up with to top of the board.  After you’ve attached each pipe to the top board finish up by screwing the bottom of the pipes to the bottom board with two screws.

Now you need to make it stand up, right?  Grab your wall brackets and screw two onto the front of the jail on each side of the boards.  Stand it up and screw the other two to the back of the boards.

The last, easiest and funnest part is to spray the whole thing black.  

I attached an extra screw at the top so that I could hang my goull from it.  Easy, pleasey, zombies weazey.  :)

Now, go scare up some fun!
<3, Sharla