Monday, July 29, 2013

Summer Party/Game Ideas

Ok everyone, I know the last days of July are sliding past us, but summer isn’t over yet.  There is still plenty of time for fun outside with family and friends.  So I challenge you to have one more big party before school gets back in, and I have to games to make your party a hit.

Every year Amy M and her family have a 24th of July party.  What is the 24th of July, you ask?  It’s Pioneer day in Utah, the day this state was founded.  Another excuse to eat, celebrate and set off fireworks.  She has a great view of the professional kind from her yard so she has the party, and then everyone gets to watch the fireworks at the end.  It’s super fun.  But what's a party without food...


and FUN?!

Check out the cute signage Amy made...everything was labeled.  Drinks (to include specifying who can drink what...very important for under 21-ers), cupcakes, deserts...everything!  She just googled "4th of July printables" and then photo shopped them.

 Not to mention the sugar rimmed, chevron striped straws and mason jars for the drinks.  See them on the left?

The blue jug is full of home made root beer and how about the added detail of home popped popcorn in pre-made bags for watching the fireworks.  Adorable and delicious!

But I ask you, what's a party without games?  Every year Amy and her very cool husband, Kelly, set up an enormous slip-n-slide on the enormous hill beside their house.  All it is is a long sheet of plastic you buy at Home Depot, a sprinkler at the top, a few well placed tent stakes and dish soap.  You heard me, dish soap.  The kids played on this for hours.  The plastic sheeting is about $20 but they rinse it off every year, fold it up and its good to go for the next year to come.  Classic.

Bounce house?  Um, yes.

This game was a blast, and the kids "ate it up".  All you need are some paper plates, bubble gum, and a whole lot of whipped cream.  Every kid gets a plate.  Put an unwrapped piece of bubble gum on it and then cover that puppy as high as it will go with whipped cream.  Now they have to find the gum, with no hands!  Yes, we did prizes, the winner got a 4 pack of bubble gum, of course!

Here's an idea to keep kids a pack of water balloons with the nozzle that you hook up to the facet in the backyard and let the kids go crazy.  The kids all took turns working to fill up balloons for an epic battle for later in the night.  I bought special grenade water balloons for a classic balloon toss.  Everyone gets a partner and stands across from their partner and take turns tossing the balloon back and forth taking a step back every time they pass. You play until only one team has a balloon left.  Easy, fun, classic.

The last game we played was my favorite to make and the play.  It was balloon darts and punch board.  Wanna learn to make your very own balloon dart board, click here.  How about the punch board, click here.
I loved these two games because it took a little longer, and everyone got a prize.
Each balloon had a number in it....
 The kids threw darts until they popped a balloon and got their number...
 The numbers coordinated with numbers on these punch boards...
 They punch their number and get the prize inside.

Finally, at the end of the night everyone got glow sticks and they took their water balloon arsenal and had their epic water balloon battle in the dark.

A big thanks to Amy M and her husband Kelly for yet another fantastic 24th!
<3, Sharla

Want to make he punch board and/or balloon dark board?
Click PUNCH BOARD or BALLOON DARTS to visit the tutorial.