Thursday, June 7, 2012


Ok, we're going to take things down a bit and get serious.  There is this really great girl I know named Tiffany Howell.  She's babysat for me, I've been a leader for her in our church group, we've spent some great time together.  Tiffany is turning 18 in a couple of months.  Well, Tiffany was diagnosed with cancer two years ago.  Its been a long fight with a lot of ups and downs, but Tif has stayed up beat, positive and FABULOUS in pretty much every way.  Sadly, things have taken a turn for the worse with her treatment.  She's had to start again,  but this time her parent's insurance doesn't cover it and it's experimental, since the other treatments have been ineffective.  So, my good friend Suzanne set up a blog and Facebook page for Tiffany.  It includes her whole story, info about her (so you can see just how awesome she really is), and has methods for donating to her treatment fund.

I think every person on the planet has been touched by cancer in some way.  Whether it's dealing with the disease yourself or watching a friend or loved one go through it.  The fight against cancer is grueling, painful, long and can be discouraging.  Tiffany has shown constant grace and faith through her personal battle.  She is an inspiration to me.  Now, she needs to be inspired.  Please, click here to visit her blog and here to join her Facebook page and leave her a message.  If you can donate, even the smallest amount, please do.  And know that, with every encouraging word, and every penny donated, you are literally answering prayers.  We love you, Tiffany!

<3, Sharla