Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ready for Easter?

To kick off our new blog we are going to saturate our visitors with Easter ideas and get ready for the Easter Bunny because here he comes!

Ok, who doesn't love dying eggs with the kids this time of year?  Well, I've got a pretty creative husband and some fun-loving kids, so we end up with some awesome eggs each year.  

It is too simple, dye the eggs with your usual, run-of-the-mill egg dying kit with the kids.  Wait for those rotten kids to be asleep, and then have some fun without them.  My creative and artistically endowed husband added these silly faces with a black sharpie, and...
we hid them in fun and clever places.  Suddenly, the Easter Bunny seems a lot more creative and your played out egg hunt is new, exciting and silly.
<3, Sharla


Jewels said...

Pinned your Easter eggs and got lots of pinnings off of them. They are so creative and cute! I LOVE THEM. :)

All Things Fabulous said...

Thanks Jewels! You rock!